1211, 2017

3 Things to do to stay active at work

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1. Sit with good posture at your desk. Shoulders back, core tight

2. take at least 3 breaks a day to move

3. Drink 1 gallon of water

807, 2017

3 tips to say avoid “office food”

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When you see “free food” at the office, it can be very enticing. To the point that you lose control of all your impulses and eat it. Because its free and its good! Let’s be honest! But the food will prolong you from reaching your goals, so you need to avoid the food. Here’s 3 tips to help you avoid:

1. Think about your initial “why” Why did you start your eating habits, “to be healthier” “to be slimmer for wedding” “live longer” that’s where your motivation will kick back in.

2. eat a protein dense snack immediately. Aim for 20 grams of protein via meat, protein shake, nuts, protein bar

3. Drink 32oz of water immediately then think about your why

2906, 2017

4 Side Gigs That Will Get You in Shape This Spring

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4 Side Gigs That Will Get You in Shape This Spring

Staying in shape can be challenging when your schedule is loaded with obligations. Between your job, social life, and family, when are you supposed to fit in time to work out? If you struggle with feeling guilty for taking time to yourself, or you feel like you can’t afford a gym membership let alone time not spent earning cash, consider finding ways to stay active while also earning a little extra money.


Side gigs are one awesome way to plump up your wallet while also getting active. While most side gigs can’t replace a full-time job, it’s easy to find a part-time position that hardly feels like work. Here are a few ideas for active side gigs you can pick up this spring.

1. Dog Walking

Having a dog is a great excuse to get outside for long walks and visits to the park. If you don’t have a dog of your own, consider becoming a dog walker. Dog walkers can make $15 or more per 30 minutes spent walking, and you can rake in big bucks for minimal time if you can walk several dogs at once. The best part? You don’t need any experience to become a dog walker. You can find clients by reaching out to busy neighbors, and once you have some good references you can start advertising on sites like

2. Fitness Instructor

If you’re a yoga, Zumba, or spin enthusiast (or one of many other fitness trends), connect with a local fitness studio to start offering a class or two every week. You’ll get to keep a cut of the class fees without having to worry about finding your own space or equipment. For something like yoga that doesn’t require gear other than what participants bring themselves, look into offering sessions in a free space like a scenic public park. If you’re intimidated by the idea of teaching an entire class, you can offer private one-on-one sessions in your home.

3. Docent or Tour Guide

Art or history lovers can couple their intellectual interests with their desire to stay active by becoming a docent at a local museum. Docents work as guides for museum guests who want a more educational experience out of their visit. You’ll spend a lot of time on your feet as a docent, getting plenty of light cardio to keep you fit and healthy.


Prefer to get outside? Consider becoming a walking tour guide. If your city or town has historical sites, there’s a good chance there’s a company offering walking tours where you can take visitors to different sites and tell them about the history of the town. You’ll get in a few miles of walking and absorb plenty of mood- and health-boosting vitamin D.

4. Youth Sports Referee

If you played sports in high school or college and want to give back to budding athletes, start refereeing for youth sports during evenings and weekends. Becoming a youth sports referee is easy. You can participate in a referee training by the National Alliance for Youth Sports for only $20, and some local recreational leagues don’t require any training beyond knowledge of the sport’s rules. And since youth sports are typically scheduled for evenings and weekends, it’s easy to fit this side gig around your day job.


Are you looking to get in shape and maybe even earn a few bucks, but don’t have time to squeeze a side job into your already jam-packed schedule? Try out one the many Android and iOS apps that give you financial rewards for meeting your fitness goals. Apps like AchieveMint let you earn points for workout sessions that you can later convert into cash or gift cards, while apps like DietBet and Healthy Wage let you compete against yourself and others for cash prizes. No matter what you choose, you’ll be improving both your lifestyle and your finances.


Image via Pixabay

Article by Paige Johnson

2109, 2016

Nothing in exaggeration, everything in moderation

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Never overdue something, that can be a bad thing to do. Whether you’re eating bad or eating healthy. Yes too much eating healthy can be bad because you could deprive your body of foods it craves then overdue it one day. For example if you decide to cut out all bad carbs for the rest of your life, what typically happens to most people is they go hard for 1-2 weeks then they crash. Make moderate goals, instead of completely giving up alcohol (unless you really need to) then give it up for a week at a time then go at it again, or do half of what you normally do. If you normally do 10 drinks a week, then go for 5. Over doing something or under doing something is not good. Everything in moderation is good when it comes to diet and working out.

1909, 2016

Fine tune your eating

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To reach your goals, you must fine tune your eating. This means going several weeks of eating exactly to your goals. I see so many people in the industry today try to half everything or give some effort for hopes of achieving high goals in fitness. To seriously reach your goals, you need to fine tune your eating for a good period of time.

1609, 2016

For more caloric burn stick to compound movements

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To burn more calories stick with compound workouts. For legs this is: Squats, Dead-lifts, Lunges. For back: pull ups, rows, and dead-lifts. For chest: bench press, and dips.

A compound exercise like a squats works so many muscles at once, like the quads, hamstrings, calves, hips, core, and shoulders. A compound movement like pull-ups work lats, biceps, and shoulders. A compound movement like bench press works chest, triceps and shoulders.

When you engage more than one muscle group, you will in-turn burn more calories that day and days following. Remember when you are lifting weights correctly, you are tear slits in your muscles which burns calories and for the next couple days your body has to work to repair and rebuild those torn muscles therefore you burn more calories.

When adding in small muscles like biceps and shoulders, aim to add a squat with them to burn more calories as well. If your goal is to lose weight, but if your goal is strictly to build muscle, combine compound movements with isolation movements for more definition.

1509, 2016

One Protein you could eat at every meal

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Eggs! Eggs is rated number 1 for protein absorption, because it’s a lean protein and our bodies digest it the best. Our bodies take up the most from egg protein than any other protein on the market.

1409, 2016

Always warm up before your workout

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Always warm up before you workout, reason why is because you want to prevent any injuries from happening. Remember you can’t completely prevent an injury but you can do things to lower the chances of having them. Also you want to warm up to get your energy levels up.

In my opinion a good warm up would be 3-5 minutes on treadmill, beginning with a walk and then last 1-2 minutes a run. After that going into the primary muscles being worked and stretching those muscles out. Next would be finding your first workout, for example squats and doing reps with no weight, around 15-20 reps, then going into your first set of 50% of your 1 max rep 5-10 reps and now you’re fully warmed up and ready to begin lifting heavy weights.

909, 2016

Lift weights at your desk!

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15 minutes is all you need folks! Just 15 minutes! 2 dumbbells, and you can work arms (triceps and biceps) as well as shoulders at your desk!

509, 2016

When calculating BMI

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When calculating BMI be mindful that it doesn’t take into account how much muscle is on your body.