2109, 2016

Nothing in exaggeration, everything in moderation

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Never overdue something, that can be a bad thing to do. Whether you’re eating bad or eating healthy. Yes too much eating healthy can be bad because you could deprive your body of foods it craves then overdue it one day. For example if you decide to cut out all bad carbs for the rest of your life, what typically happens to most people is they go hard for 1-2 weeks then they crash. Make moderate goals, instead of completely giving up alcohol (unless you really need to) then give it up for a week at a time then go at it again, or do half of what you normally do. If you normally do 10 drinks a week, then go for 5. Over doing something or under doing something is not good. Everything in moderation is good when it comes to diet and working out.

1909, 2016

Fine tune your eating

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To reach your goals, you must fine tune your eating. This means going several weeks of eating exactly to your goals. I see so many people in the industry today try to half everything or give some effort for hopes of achieving high goals in fitness. To seriously reach your goals, you need to fine tune your eating for a good period of time.

1609, 2016

For more caloric burn stick to compound movements

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To burn more calories stick with compound workouts. For legs this is: Squats, Dead-lifts, Lunges. For back: pull ups, rows, and dead-lifts. For chest: bench press, and dips.

A compound exercise like a squats works so many muscles at once, like the quads, hamstrings, calves, hips, core, and shoulders. A compound movement like pull-ups work lats, biceps, and shoulders. A compound movement like bench press works chest, triceps and shoulders.

When you engage more than one muscle group, you will in-turn burn more calories that day and days following. Remember when you are lifting weights correctly, you are tear slits in your muscles which burns calories and for the next couple days your body has to work to repair and rebuild those torn muscles therefore you burn more calories.

When adding in small muscles like biceps and shoulders, aim to add a squat with them to burn more calories as well. If your goal is to lose weight, but if your goal is strictly to build muscle, combine compound movements with isolation movements for more definition.

1509, 2016

One Protein you could eat at every meal

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Eggs! Eggs is rated number 1 for protein absorption, because it’s a lean protein and our bodies digest it the best. Our bodies take up the most from egg protein than any other protein on the market.

1409, 2016

Always warm up before your workout

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Always warm up before you workout, reason why is because you want to prevent any injuries from happening. Remember you can’t completely prevent an injury but you can do things to lower the chances of having them. Also you want to warm up to get your energy levels up.

In my opinion a good warm up would be 3-5 minutes on treadmill, beginning with a walk and then last 1-2 minutes a run. After that going into the primary muscles being worked and stretching those muscles out. Next would be finding your first workout, for example squats and doing reps with no weight, around 15-20 reps, then going into your first set of 50% of your 1 max rep 5-10 reps and now you’re fully warmed up and ready to begin lifting heavy weights.

909, 2016

Lift weights at your desk!

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15 minutes is all you need folks! Just 15 minutes! 2 dumbbells, and you can work arms (triceps and biceps) as well as shoulders at your desk!

509, 2016

When calculating BMI

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When calculating BMI be mindful that it doesn’t take into account how much muscle is on your body.

309, 2016

Did you know?

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Did you know that according to the National Institute of Health, women should be getting 91 oz of water a day and men should be consuming 125 oz of water per day? Well that’s the truth and you can look it up to confirm it.

You’re probably asking yourself how can I do this? Simple start early and begin consuming bunches of water at once. I recommend making it a daily goal to get close to a gallon or a gallon down by 12 pm your time. If you work night shifts, then the first 4-5 hours of your shift you should consume most of the gallon down.

By getting in gallon a day, you will move particles through your body much smoother, and have healthier skin, and most important you will be hydrated!

2608, 2016

Find time everyday to move your body

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Find time everyday to move your body, whether that’s taking the stairs at work, doing stand up meetings, or parking your car furthest away at the grocery store or even at work. I find that easy and convenient to do everyday, it amazes me that people will spend 5-10 minutes circling a parking lot just to save time on their walk to the store or destination. By all means if you find a close parking spot take it, but if its busy or congested then I recommend that you drive all the way to the back of the parking lot and park. You’ll first burn extra calories with the walk and you’ll save yourself some time. I typically beat people to the store by just immediately parking to the back and walking.

Also periodically during the day at work or on the weekend, find time to get up and walk an errand. Spectators say that more fit people exits in the city, if that is true, it’s because everything is close walking distance and that forces people to walk more an be more active. I will tell you as humans we are in our best shape in grade school, because our metabolism’s are higher and because we were forced into exercise. Whether through sports or gym time activities, we had to move or workout. And as a kid you would play with your friends, games like tag, your it, and other chase games that would force you to move. As we got older, our metabolism’s have slowed down tremendously and we find as many ways as possible to move less. Let’s reverse that now, find time everyday to move your body.

2408, 2016

How many calories is good for a protein shake?

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This is a really good question, since there are so many different protein shakes on the market, and everyone has a different fitness goal. I say different but most people are looking to do 1 of 3 things, lose weight, add muscle, or maintain.

If you’re looking to lose weight then you want a lower calorie protein shake where you would just add water or low calorie fluid to blend it with, I’d recommend per 20-25 gram scoop 90-150 calorie max. The math behind protein is simple, per gram of protein it natural yields 4 calories. This is without adding any substance for taste or texture. So naturally 20 grams of protein yields 80 calories, 25 yields 100 calories. The shake I use has 120 calories per 24 grams of protein which is very good and lean. You’ll find some proteins that focus a-lot on flavor or texture or even building muscle or muscle mass and these should be used for those goals.