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Why most diets work and which to choose?

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Most diets work, you’ll hear people mention they lost 10 pounds on the south beach diet, or 20 pounds on adkins diet, or 15 pounds on the Keto diet. The reason most diets work is because they have the same thing in common, they limit bad carbs, like potatoes, breads, pastas, candy and alcohol. Any time you limit substances that elevate blood sugar levels, you’re going to lose weight as a result. With that being said, try any and every diet if you like and see which one suits you best.

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3 Tips to longer living

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1. front load your high calorie , high insulin meals, this means breakfast time consuming the majority of your calories.

2. Eat veggies and beans/legumes

3. Cook your own food

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4 Best fat burning exercises

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1. Lifting heaving weights but compound lifts like: squats, deadlifts, bench press, barbell rows, pull ups, chin ups, dips, lunges

2. kettle bell swings (1/3 of your body weight) and 150 swings a week can yield a 2% body fat drop in 4 weeks (28 days)

3. Total body exercises like: squat to press up, lunge to curl, curl to press, use moderate weight with reps from 5-8

4. Sprints or hill runs. For sprints select a speed that challenges you and do for 20 seconds to 1 minute, aim to do 20 minutes of sprints with 1 minute rest periods calculated in. Hill sprints should be 10-20

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Why treadmill is a waste of time

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Unless you’re using treadmill for sprints, hill walks or changing it up at least every 10 minutes, then just walking on it is a waste of time. This is because you’re building up your appetite for later. You’ll burn calories for sure, but now you’ll be hungrier and want to replace those calories later. Instead use treadmill for intense running or workouts like sprints. Use them for hill runs or for warm up and cool downs. Your focus should be on weight lifting exercises , like total body exercises and isolation workouts.

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Work Luncheon?

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Always aim for protein, meat, and nuts. If your company is providing food then look for protein. So lets say you’re getting Jimmy John sandwiches, then take off the bread and eat that. Or if you’re having spaghetti and meatballs then eat only the meatballs. Stick to the protein whenever you’re out eating.

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Celebrate the Small Victories

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In pursuit of your fitness goals, celebrate your small victories!

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3 ways to lose weight without working out

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1. Eat towards losing weight. Yes lower the carbohydrate consumption in your eating. Stick to low glycemic carbs, and pair those with high protein foods. Like chicken and broccoli. Fish and spinach. And 30-50 gram protein shake and 1 cup of blueberries.j

2. Start your money with at least 30 grams of protein. Studies have charted tremendous weight loss when people start with high protein in the morning 30-50 grams

3. Stop drinking alcohol. Take alcohol out of your diet for awhile or at least until you reach your fitness goals.

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How long should my cardio sessions be?

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Your cardio sessions can very, I like to say that if it’s intense then it can be 10 min- 20 min max. Because most of us live in a mindset that working harder is better , most people don’t like that idea. So 30 minutes would be sufficient for a cardio session.

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If you can visualize it then you can do it

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If you can visualize something then you can do it. It’s an act of faith, to be able to see something before it’s physically there then it will happen. Anything you want is stored in your imagination. Anything you need is right there in the back of your mind. If you can just believe then it will happen.

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Should I reduce fat, carbs, or calories to loose weight?

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Fats, carbs or calories? That’s the common questions that’s thrown around the weight loss industry. All 3 different ways of eating will result in some weight loss for you, but which is best for you is the question? I will answer that for you by saying limit insulin surges in your body. Every time you body experiences a insulin spike, fat is distributed to your body. With that being said, carbs as studies have shown time after time, are the cause of the highest insulin spikes. And especially wheat as the book “Wheat Belly” and “Grain Brain” break down. So a low carb diet would be best to help you loose weight. Still get carbs from your vegetables and fruits but limit them in grains, breads, and pastas and candies.