108, 2016

Ditch set schedules

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I’m not a huge fan of having a daily set schedule for workouts and here’s why. I know most people live their life on a schedule and I get it, wake up at this time, work from this time to that time and sleep by this time. The only set schedules I believe in is waking up, work, spending time with loved ones and sleep, and sleep is up in the air. For workouts days change and things happen so you must be ready at all times to adjust your workout. I would aim for it to be the same most days, morning or mid day , lunch or night but always leave it open for flexibility because you will have days where you have to do something at a normal time you workout, you will have emergencies or events where you need to adjust your schedule. In those times if you have a non flexible workout schedule then most likely you will skip your workout. Instead of skipping your workout, I recommend to be flexible at all times to be able to workout at a different time if need be because of your schedule.

2907, 2016

Best workout for lower abs

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Lower abs are the toughest area to challenge when it comes to ab workouts. The reason for this is because it’s difficult to create resistance when most of our ab workouts are done on the ground. Therefore if you’re going to challenge the lower abs, it’s best to get off the floor and hand from a pull up bar or sling to perform some hanging leg raises. You can do straight hanging leg raises, or side hanging leg raises to hit the lower abs and obliques. Once you have mastered these, move on to weighted leg raises, windmills, and static leg raise holds.

2507, 2016

5 Benefits of a corporate wellness program

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1. Healthier employees, so less sick days

2. Energized employees, so more work gets done

3. Employee engagement in workouts which creates chemistry and cohesion for your employees.

4. Happier employees because you’ll be offering them something that normally is a expense and time consuming for them.

5. Convenience for your employees.

1506, 2016

Hello world!

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