CEO of BaB Fitness Solutions Warren Wilkins, known as “DUBS” also owns and operates “Body’s by Dubs” mobile personal training service in the Dallas area. His passion is helping people reach their goals, whether its getting the bodies they want, or helping individuals get into shape and feel better about themselves. Dubs is NASM certified and has trained over 7 years; he’s helped a lot of people reach their fitness goals. Dub’s still hands on with his approach with Build a Beast Fitness, he’s in the camps training people as well as coaching trainers to be top notch trainers in the world within Build a Beast Fitness. With Build a Beast his goal is to help communities become healthier throughout Texas, as well as bring personal trainers into their passion and purposes by joining with them as a team. Build a Beast is here to help individuals with their health and trainers with their passions throughout Texas. Join us for the Texas Takeover!


Oscar Perales is our Chief Brand Officer (CBO) for BaB Fitness Solutions. He manages the integrity and evolution of our Build a Beast Camps. He lives and breathes the brand image, message and promises to ensure the brand is infused into all parts of Build-a-Beast from marketing and advertising to finance, customer service and everything in between. Oscar is NASM Certified and has gone through an incredible transformation himself. Learn more about Oscar below…

“I began my Fitness Journey in late 2011 after my mother landed in the Hospital due to complications with Diabetes. She ended up losing her Toe which gave me a pretty good wake up call. I began to exercise but felt lost and slowly began to quit like many people tend to do. One of my best friends lost his life in March of 2012 at the early age of 21 to a heart attack that led to a stroke, we share the same Birthday. It was a tough time but I knew that I had to change my way of life. I met Dubs in our corporate gym. I would ask for advice and he would gladly assist. Long story short I started at 255lbs but through all my blood, sweat and tears I managed to lose 80lbs. My vision is to help people reach their goals no matter how impossible they may seem. Join us and allow us to help you Unleash the Beast within.”