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How often should I do cardio each week?

Cardio is one of those things we don't like to do, but we do it because we're told it'll help us burn more calories which in fact should burn more weight correct? While I could dispute those claims I'll say this cardio can be effective when used correctly. More than anythings it's beneficial for heart [...]

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Best time to eat breakfast

Best time to eat breakfast is first thing in the morning. If you can then soon as you get out of bed have a 30-50 gram protein shake.

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The healthiest dessert you can have are….

So you're looking for a good dessert to compliment your new way of eating. I say new way of eating because dieting has a bad connotation associated with it. You're thinking dark chocolate, 70% or darker but the only thing is because they are so sweet you can only have 2-4oz which is 2-4 squares, [...]

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Make working out fun

Find something fun about working out. That's what you need to do, you need to find out what is fun about working out. You say "nothing!" but I say sure there is something. For cross fitters, its competing against yourself and being able to be in an environment where it's encouraging and uplifting others. For [...]

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How many sets of each workout?

Putting together a workout plan can be complicated if you've never done it before. I recommend for the most effective workout to do 3 sets of each workout, within those sets you can decide reps based on your goals. If you're looking to add muscle mass, then stick to low reps of 1-8 and heavy [...]

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One reason fat doesn’t contribute to fat

One reason that eating fat doesn't make you fat, is that fat doesn't spike your insulin levels. Fat is slowly absorbed in the blood, so this slows down the insulin spike process so that you don't put on fat. So eat avocados, butter, bacon, olives, olive oil, hummus...these foods are all good for you in [...]

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Today let's talk about our name, our brand which strives to represent you. BAB, which stands for Build a Beast. When you use the term Beast, it's synonymous with the word Best! We want you to build your best, build the best version of you. Wether that's the best preacher, teacher, lawyer, artist, singer, financialist, [...]

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One major benefit of working out is

One major benefit of working out is having positive energy afterwards. That feeling after completing a vigorous workout is satisfying.

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Keep your heart rate at this to burn

When your working out, intensity is key to reaching your goals. Especially when the subject is weight loss. You want your heart rate to be between 55-85 % of your maximum heart rate. To calculate this you need to know your max heart rate, which is 220-age= maximum heart rate, then that number multiplies by [...]

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Yoga for Corporations

Benefits of Yoga: Increase your flexibility Increase your agility Increase your strength Aids in weight loss

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