Corporate Wellness Dallas, TX

What is Dallas BaB Corporate Wellness and Fitness Training?

We know that your employee’s best self is just a few powerful choices away. Our training classes are designed to teach your employees to believe in themselves, to push themselves just beyond their limits, and to create more strength, confidence and energy than they’ve ever experienced before. We believe that your employee’s inner beast is the strongest and most powerful part of them and that releasing that inner beast makes for better humans and better employees. We look forward to building each new corporate relationship and seeing your corporate culture begin to energize from the inside, out.

What kind of workouts do we use in our Corporate Fitness Training?

At Dallas BaB Fitness Solutions we’ve found a winning fitness strategy with the 10-10-10 workout model. It appeals to women and men; the fit folks and the need-to-get-in-shape people too. We start with ten minutes of high intensity boxing that releases tension, provides real fun, and creates an incredible cardio opportunity. This is followed by ten minutes of kettlebell training to build muscle definition and strength while having a lot more fun than you expected. We end with ten minutes of core workout incorporating stretching as well as core strength building. Everything is easier with the right energy music, so we carefully tailor our music choices to each stage of the work out. Our goal is to get your staff in and out in thirty minutes flat; making a workout attainable for everyone’s schedule. We want your people to leave energized, inspired, proud of themselves, and feeling strong and confident.

When will these Corporate Fitness Training workouts happen?

We will offer a fitness training session once every weekday at your site. Your company can choose from an early morning workout, a pre or post lunch workout, or a late afternoon workout, depending on the needs and schedules of your employees and your work place.

Let us tell you about our Fitness Coaches:

At Dallas BaB Fitness Solutions we’re proud to employ trainers who have experienced the power of Building their own Beast step by step, day by day. Our trainers have worked hard for their own personal transformations. They’re people just like your employees; people who at times struggle with bad eating habits, who might sometimes rather watch TV than work out. They’re people who know how crushing it is to start a new workout routine only to drop out later. And because of their personal experiences, our Dallas Fitness Camp coaches are motivated by their achievements to help create success for each person in our programs.

What surprise benefits of Corporate Fitness Training might you see?

Companies are often surprised to find that corporate fitness training strategies work for far more than just fitness. Employees who are having fun, learning new things, and relating to each other through fitness begin to build better and stronger relationships, leading to greatly enhanced team building in the workplace. As employees take on the daily and weekly challenges and begin pushing themselves harder, they receive the affirmation and support of their co-workers in areas of their lives they’ve never shared at work before. The result is a stronger and more vibrant corporate culture that makes your workplace better than it’s ever been before.

Let’s talk about Motivating your Staff to Participate in Corporate Fitness Training:

We take seriously the challenge of motivating your staff to participate in fitness training. The value to your company is only as good as the level of participation we accomplish! That’s why we begin our relationship with your company with an interactive presentation that all employees are encouraged to attend. (We call it Beast and Bagels.) We talk about chronic health conditions that are exacerbated by desk work and we answer questions about the group training sessions as well as taking suggestions from staff on what they would like to see in a health program on-site. Once we’ve established our relationship with your company we become an integral part of “water cooler culture.” While our workouts themselves are strictly “you vs you” and not competitive, we find ways to make games out of everything from the number of steps walked in the workplace, to how long employees can hold their plank. It encourages engagement, provides fun, and gets the staff sharing and talking about the program. Plus we give out tangible rewards to the winners!

Why should you Incorporate Corporate Fitness Training Consulting into your own Business Model?

As a recent Forbes article stated, corporate fitness programs are one of the frontiers of business development, not only because they lead to significant reductions in health care costs and lowered incidence of workplace injuries but also because they are correlated with a higher employee retention rate and improved employee performance. These incredible benefits of workplace fitness training programs are demonstrated through the results produced by large companies such as Coors who reported that they reduced their missed days by 18% company wide using corporate fitness training strategies, and Coca Cola who estimated they saved $500 per employee per year on healthcare costs, even with only 60% of employees participating in the new program! So many more incredible results are being seen by companies utilizing corporate fitness training services and they are well worth a read.

“Dubs” and his BaB Fitness Solutions staff look forward to connecting with you personally to discuss how we we can help you make your workplace healthier, stronger, fitter and more energized.