Any where inside where we can have 500sq ft (we don’t need much space) that can be an office, hallway, or if the weather permits then outside.
Just yourself and a towel, we provide water and all training equipment.
That just depends on what you chose, we can come 1-5 times a week and 1-3 times per day (morning, lunch, after work).
We pride ourselves on a very affordable wellness plan and its based on what program you select.
Yes our company is covered with up to $1,000,000 in insurance.
No that’s what our expert trainers have seen that works around the globe and most people have catered to this workout. With that said we can come up with a flexible 30 minute workout for your employees.
Our workouts are geared towards you the consumer. Every workout we have laid out we tailor it so that a first time beginner can do it, an intermediate can do it and an expert can come in and do it, each of those levels would be challenged. We also provide modifications for any injuries, disabilities or limitations.