We know that you or your employees are unaware of what maybe delaying your fitness goals or what is harmful to your health. Also we know that even though our workout plan is benefiting your employees, there are still a lot of employees that are missing out because they haven’t been invited to our class on site or because they don’t know much about what we offer your company. That’s why we do monthly health seminars! The first 3 months that we service your company, we do biweekly health seminars (2 times a month) to get your employees engaged about their health, we use this time to give away free health information, conduct measurements for those who want to know their health numbers, free giveaways as a bonus for stopping by our health session and we use this time to invite your employees out to our fitness class on site. We offer 2 types of health seminars (both are free and up for you to chose) 1 is a formal health seminar that we present to your company, we provide food it’s a 30 minute presentation where we talk about health, what’s cause weight gain, certain weight related diseases like diabetes and what to do about it. The other is an informal presentation where we set up a health booth for 2 hours (normally lunch hours 11am-1pm) and we have snacks and drinks and flyers to hand out to your employees. The goal of both of these presentations is to help your employees gain a awareness of their health and invite them out to class.