For you to reach your health goals is takes 3 key components: diets, workouts and rest! We provide 2 of them, which are the workouts and the diet. For your first month, everyone who registers for class will receive a complimentary meal plan tailored towards their fitness goals. Whether that’s weight loss, muscle gain, or maintaining what you already have, we have the meal plans just for you. We create meal plans based on foods; you like to eat, and based on your eating habits. Whether you’re a person who is a meat lover, vegetarian, vegan or just really picky, we have the right meal plan for you. After the first month we have small investment that allows us to create a new meal plan for you and constantly update it so that you get closer to reaching your goals. As you know without a meal plan, you can build some strength, and contour your body some, but to fully reach your goals, you’ll need to be eating towards them, and that when our meal plans come in hand for you and your company. With onsite trainers, and nutrition experts, we are able to service any one in your company even if they aren’t apart of our workouts. We have meal plans for everyone.