Ok, so you’re ready to begin your fitness journey and you have your workouts together, your meal plans, and your workout attire. You’re ready to go, but part of you wants to know is there a secret, is there a …well you know short cut? Could I eat whatever I want and workout or could I eat healthy and not workout? Which one is most important?

I’m going to answer that with both! You can’t have one without the other, so you need to focus on both. Eating is just as important as working out and working out is just as important as eating. If you eat low calorie diet and don’t workout, you will lose weight and not be toned, most likely you’ll be flabby. If you lift weights and eat whatever you want, you will be bulky look, fat and muscle, still pudgy. Now if you eat what you want but do a-lot of cardio, then you will just stay the same.

To win in the game of health and fitness, you must eat according to your goals and workout according to your goals, and you will reach them.