Find time everyday to move your body, whether that’s taking the stairs at work, doing stand up meetings, or parking your car furthest away at the grocery store or even at work. I find that easy and convenient to do everyday, it amazes me that people will spend 5-10 minutes circling a parking lot just to save time on their walk to the store or destination. By all means if you find a close parking spot take it, but if its busy or congested then I recommend that you drive all the way to the back of the parking lot and park. You’ll first burn extra calories with the walk and you’ll save yourself some time. I typically beat people to the store by just immediately parking to the back and walking.

Also periodically during the day at work or on the weekend, find time to get up and walk an errand. Spectators say that more fit people exits in the city, if that is true, it’s because everything is close walking distance and that forces people to walk more an be more active. I will tell you as humans we are in our best shape in grade school, because our metabolism’s are higher and because we were forced into exercise. Whether through sports or gym time activities, we had to move or workout. And as a kid you would play with your friends, games like tag, your it, and other chase games that would force you to move. As we got older, our metabolism’s have slowed down tremendously and we find as many ways as possible to move less. Let’s reverse that now, find time everyday to move your body.