Hidden sugars are those sugars we naturally don’t think of, so we call them hidden. Hidden sugars are the equivalent to the hidden cues that we don’t or forget to study for on a test that maybe the reason a person gets a C instead of an A. Hidden sugars are like the hints in a marriage that you’re not picking up on that are hindering your marriage. They are the little fees on purchases with credit cards or the hidden fees behind a contract that hurt you later. Hidden sugars are the sugars we never think of. Sure we know candy is sugar, we know sweet tea and cokes, and cookies and all desserts. But what about Whole Grain wheat bread?? What if you knew you would be better off eating a snickers thin 2 slices of whole grain wheat bread? Or how about 100% apple or orange juice, that you’d might as well drink a coke? Or here’s the kicker, that instead of eating a cup of corn, why not just have a pumpkin pie? Yes these items all have hidden sugars that are not only detrimental to our health but also to our weight. Simply put hidden sugars are dangerous, because we don’t know we’re consuming them but they are affecting our health and weight!