A lot of people believe that eating late at night contributes to more weight gain and that’s not true. Our bodies have a 24 hour clock, that is simply looking to get the right amount of macros to be healthy. Macros being protein fat and carbs, our bodies need all 3 for various reasons.

Our bodies utilize protein for muscle storage and slightly for energy and of corse to be full.

Our bodies use fat for essential bodily functions.

Our bodies use carbohydrates for energy storage.

Each 3 components are to be used for different purposes in our bodies, so once those are used then the body will store excess as fat. If you were to eat your correct macros at night then you would totally be fine. There’s no perfect time to eat, or how many meals to eat throughout the day. Truth is your body is looking to get the right amount of protein, fat, and carbs everyday to use.